Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I represent four generations of hard working small business owners here in Washington State. I currently own a content production/software development company in Battle Ground Washington. I am a volunteer with the Children's Cancer Association, and donate my video & photography services where I can. I also enjoy playing music love to sing.

I am a Christ-follower and am not ashamed of my faith. I believe America was a country founded upon Christian values, like our founding father's, and that our rights come from God, not the government. I believe that trying to infringe upon individual rights for the so-called "greater good", is an evil manipulation of human nature and that the greatest good is individual freedom. I believe that the constitution does not tell us what we can do, it is to tell the government what they cannot do to all of us. I believe that America was never meant to have a permanent political class and will commit to only serve 2 terms if elected. Real leaders lead by example and know they're actions speak louder than their words ever could. I love America, this is the greatest country in the world.

I believe that our Founding Fathers never meant for there to be a permanent political class, that's why they left England. To establish a government by the people, for the people, not one established by a few people to rule over the rest. If I am elected, I promise to serve only two terms. I do not want to be a 'career politician'. I want to serve my country, then return to my community as a regular citizen, with no lifetime salary or benefits. If you will send me to D.C. I will do everything possible to stand up to the rampant corruption and focus on the 'kitchen table issues' that matter to everyone. I am not an 'elitist' worried about maintaining my status. I am an American, fighting for America, our children, and most importantly you.




Over 12 million illegal immigrants have entered our country in the last 3 years. The Biden administration has basically opened up our border and is refusing to enforce federal immigration laws. They are handing out credit cards and vouchers for free plane tickets anywhere in the country when the illegals come across the border. The Democrats have imported enough new voters to be the 19th largest state in America. I will not let them grant these people amnesty. It is time for mass deportations. It is time cut off ALL federal funding to sanctuary cities. We need to finish the wall and secure the border, declare the cartels terrorist organizations, declare fentanyl a biological weapon, and give our border agents the support and resources they need to keep us safe and our border secure.


Inflation is making you poorer. Your money is becoming worth less and less every day. Now the Biden admin is talking about a 'digital dollar'. The price of goods and services is rising faster than wages and more Americans are having to live off of credit cards than ever before. High gas prices are one of the largest contributing factors. More and more Americans are being priced out of home ownership. Our national debt is skyrocketing and for the first time Americans feel like their children will have fewer opportunities than they did. I will vote NO on all new spending. I will only vote on single issue bills. It is time to stop the entitlement spending that is bankrupting America.


Big tech is a threat to our security as a nation. We cannot have the elites in Silicon Valley deciding who gets to speak in the public square and controlling the flow of information. During the 2020 election they colluded to hide the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop from the American people. Almost 16% of Biden voter said they would have voted differently had they known about the laptop. That alone was enough to change the results of the 2020 election. No company should have this much power. We must break up Facebook and Googles monopoly over big tech. We must amend Section 230 to prevent the banning of elected officials from these platform and/or labeling the free speech as misinformation. You can decide for yourself what is true. We cannot have elites with anti-American agendas stomping all over our constitutional rights. Private companies in America are not above the Constitution. The right of all Americans to speak freely must be protected.


It is no longer safe for many parents to send their children to public school. This is why I am propsing the H.O.P.E Bill (Holyk Options in Public Education). My bill would defund the D.O.E. and reroute all federal funding into a National School Choice Voucher System. All federal funding for public education would be sent directly to parents in the form of a voucher for use at any public, private, or home schools as well as Pre-K and even educational daycare. The bill will ban all DEI, ESG, and SEL in our schools, create a parental bill of rights and medical freedom for students, and will cut off ALL federal funding for universities and colleges. Our children our the future of this Nation and they must be educated, not indoctrinated.


Corruption runs rampant in Washington D.C., we must clean house. We need to investigate the Russia hoax and collusion to impeach a sitting U.S. president by the FBI, CIA, Obama, and the Clinton Foundation. We must get to the bottom of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and find out if Joe Biden is involved. Investigate Jan 6th and what role, if any, the FBI had as well as find out if Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Muriel Bowser colluded to create a 'false flag' event. Finally we must investigate Fauci and what role he played in funding 'gain of function' research in Wuhan. A special counsel is needed investigate these matters wherever they lead. There must be accountability for corruption no matter who you are. We must restore the American people's faith in our institutions and the justice system.


America was never meant to have a permanent political class. Almost all of the problems we are facing right now could be solved by implementing term limits. There seems to be a problem of people getting elected and then becoming worth millions of dollars on a modest government salary and becoming more worried about money and power than representing the people. Every term that goes by the further out of touch they become with every day Americans. I will do everything I can to push for term limits of 2 terms for Senators and 4 terms for congress members. I will push for a ban on all trading/owning of stocks for elected officials and their spouses. We must eliminate the incentive for people to stay long enough to be corrupted by power. Any elected official who is against this is part of the problem and needs to go.



Our second amendment rights are under attack like never before. The ATF has gone completely rougue and is not only attempting to rewrite federal law as it pleases but is also engaged in unconstitutional policing of Americans protected 2nd amendment activity. Let me be clear about this. I beleive that every American has the right to purchase or carry whatever firearm they want without asking permission or passing any requirements set by the government. I want to abolish the ATF and repeal the GCA, NFA, and Brady Bill. I want to provide protection for people and businesses from having banks canceling transactions on firearms, firearms parts, or ANY constitutionally protected activities or items under the 2nd amendment. I want to work on legislation for national constitutional carry and draft legislation to reroute funds from the ATF to create federally funded gun ranges with free gun safety courses and training on BLM land. I will not compromise on ANY 2A legislation and protect all of our rights to keep and bear arms.


Isaac Holyk

Battle Ground ,WA

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